Register of Interests

All members of Wiltshire councils must register their pecuniary (financial) interests in Wiltshire Council’s Register of Interest, Gifts and Hospitality.

The Parish Council Representatives

A list of the current Holt Village Parish Councillors is shown in the table below.

Becky Stevens
259a The Common
Holt BA14 6QL
Tel: 01225 783374
Andrew Pearce
97 The Street
Holt BA14 6QH
Tel:01225 783422
Vice Chair, Finance, Highways.
Richard Goodman
Stratford House
Station Road
Holt BA14 6RB
Chair Finance, Planning,Neighbourhood Plan
Bob Mizen
16 Leigh Road
Holt BA14 6PW
Tel:01225 782557
Chair Village Facilities, Planning
Marsha Nicholson
73B Ground Corner
Holt BA14 6RT
Tel:01225 783318
Finance, Facilities
Phil Game
322 Station Road
Holt BA14 6RD
Highways, Finance
Steve Siddall
Marlborough House
Ham Green
Holt BA14 6PY
Tel: 01225 783200
Chair Planning, Facilities, Highways
Maxien Hill
10 Skylark Road
SN12 7FP
Tel: 07508 010634
Parish Clerk
Halma Hughes
330 The Street
Holt BA14 6QH
Tel: 01225 783386
Chair Highways, Facilities
Ian Bolden
3 Chestnut Corner
Holt BA14 6TB
Tel: 01225 783724
Planning, Neighbourhood Plan
Dee Rickard
6 Beckerley Lane
Holt BA14 6QQ
Tel: 07796133830
Finance, Highways
Andrew Pepler
151 The Common
Holt BA14 6QJ
Tel: 01225 783185
Facilities, Planning

Dee Rickard

dee rickard (2)

I have lived in Holt with my family since 2013 and we love living here, the village has an amazing community spirit and will be a wonderful place for our children to grow up. I am married with 2 children who go to the Primary and Pre-school here. I also work part-time as an accountant.

I decided to run as a Parish Councillor to actively represent people like me with growing families- in the local community, particularly helping to improve traffic safety and promoting youth services and local businesses.


Andrew Pepler

I have lived in Wiltshire most of my life and after graduating from De Montfort University Leicester in 2001, I moved back to the area to AndrewP1begin a career in sales and marketing. For the past 10 years I have been a Business Development Manager for a company in Trowbridge. I moved to Holt in 2014, my wife runs the local pre-school and we have a beautiful 3 year old daughter. I enjoy taking part in village activities ranging from petanque and tennis to pub quizzing and walking the beautiful surrounding countryside.
I’m excited about being a voice for fellow villagers and working with the rest of the council helping shape this wonderful village.

Richard Goodman

Richard Goodman
Richard Goodman

I moved to Wiltshire with my job in 2005, took a chance on Holt, and haven’t looked back since. I have never lived in village with such depth, and an inclusive attitude. I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in the 1970s, and have spent over 40 years in various financial roles, before largely retiring in 2012. Against this background, I guess its no surprise that I have taken on the role as Chair of the Finance Committee.

Marsha Nicholson

Marsha Nicolson
Marsha Nicholson

Moved to Wiltshire from Sussex – love the countryside and rural life but miss the sea! have lived in Holt for 18 years and became a Councillor in May 2013. I have worked in the NHS as an Information Analyst for many years, have recently reduced hours to one day a week in new job & enjoying the challenge. Having attended Parish Council meetings for many years reporting proceedings for Holt Magazine I am fully aware of the dedication and hard work required to be an effective Councillor. I am on the Village Facilities and Finance Committees and aim to ensure that where possible we encompass views of all Holt residents.

Becky Stevens

Becky Stevens
Becky Stevens

I moved to Holt in 1999 with my family and became a Parish Councillor in 2008. I am currently  Chair of the Council after John Palmers resignation in November 2012 and chair of the traffic committee.  As I live on the main road the traffic issues in Holt has always been a concern and I decided to stand as a Councillor to see if I could make a difference to this and other matters in the village. Making a difference is challenging but also rewarding.

Steve Siddall

Steve Siddall
Steve Siddall

I moved to Holt in 1999 having spent the previous 33 years in the Army. I then worked for B.T for 8 years, but am now fully retired. I served on the Parish Council from May 2003 to May 2007 and from early 2010 to date.

I am chairman of the planning committee and serve on the Village Facilities Committee. My other main interest in the village is as chairman of Holt Magazine.


Bob Mizen

Bob Mizen
Bob Mizen

I have lived in Holt for forty years and have been a member of the Parish Council for thirty four years. I currently chair the Village Facilities Committee which is responsible for caretaking, maintenance and upkeep of Greens,the Recreation Field, Dawes Pond and other village facilities. Prior to retiring some seven years ago I owned and ran an International design company based in Bath.

Parish Clerk – Maxien Hill

Maxien is our new Parish Clerk –

Andrew Pearce

Image of Andrew Pearce
Andrew Pearce

I moved to Holt in 2007 with my wife Chris, having lived in Bath for 33 years. I have a degree in chemistry, but spent my career as a manager in the NHS, eventually becoming a director of the Bath District Health Authority in charge of planning and information services.

We thoroughly enjoy village life and activities ( e.g. minibus driving – me, and lunch club cooking – Chris) and I volunteered to take part in the first go at a village plan in 2009, when I realised that my experience might be useful to the Parish Council.  My centenarian mother moved here in 2011.  I serve on the Traffic and Finance Committees.

Phil Game

I moved to Holt on Station Road in 2007 with my wife Sian and

Phil Game
Phil Game

cocker spaniel, having lived previously for 6 years in Bradford on Avon. We love the rural outlook, facilities and lifestyle that the village has to offer. I have been an Engineer Officer in the Royal Navy for 26 years and held appointments at sea and ashore, mostly in leadership and technical/project management roles. I have recently taken an assignment in Bristol which should see some relative stability over the next few years, and, as a big fan of localism, I am keen to offer my services to the village community through the Parish Council

Halma Hughes

I spent many years of my life in London, having been born there. In 2001, I moved to East Sussex (Hellingly) where I became a Parish Councillor, being on various committee’s for the benefit of parishioners.

After taking early retirement from working with young people within the Youth Justice System, my wife and I eventually moved to Holt Village, in 2012, and proceeded to create our home here.
In 2015 I started to attend Parish Council meetings before deciding I would like to stand as a Councillor within the parish where I feel my experiences may help the parish of Holt.”
Ian Bolden             Ian Bolden

 I moved with my wife Sue to Holt in 2014 all the way from Bradford on Avon
where we lived for 27 years. I retired in 2015 from 20 years in management of projects for an International Construction Company. Prior to that I spent 27 years serving in the Royal Navy where I was involved with ships and projects world wide.
I have been very impressed with the past achievements of the Parish Council
and would like to work with other Councillors to enhance Holt Village Life for all ages of our population.