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To enable Gas Transportation Co Ltd to carry out excavation to lay new gas main to new development the road will be closed at The Midlands (Part), Holt ; from its junction with The Elms for a distance of approximately 20
metres in an easterly direction.
Alternative route: via The Midlands (unaffected length) – B3107 The Street and vice versa. The notice can be viewed here and the indicative plan here

Footpaths 7 & 8 – Advisory information

Information – Footpaths Holt 7 & 8 crossing the field behind the Midlands Industrial Estate.
The field has been ploughed and re-seeded as the grass quality had become very poor, it would be greatly appreciated if walkers could use the perimeter of the field until the grass has had a chance to establish. A gentle reminder to dog owners to pick up and take home dog faeces as these are highly dangerous to cows (& children!).
The definitive rights of way remain as before but would appreciate your co-operation in the short term. The additional fencing has been removed to allow more grazing for stock.

NB: Footpath map can be found on the Footpaths Page of this website

Road Closure – further (different) information

The Wiltshire Council roads contractor Atkins has issued a flyer with more, but different, information about the road resurfacing works and road closure 17-21 February.  They plan to close the road from the Tollgate to BridgeTerrace.  Access will be permitted for pedestrians and resident’s vehicles within the closed zone with some restrictions as explained in more detail on the flyer here.

Road Closure

The main road through the village from the Tollgate to Station Road will be closed as per the extract from the Traffic Order: This Order will come into operation on 17 February 2020 and the closure will be required between the hours of 07:00 and 19:00 until 21 February 2020. It is anticipated that the works will take the stated duration to complete depending upon weather conditions. Access will be
maintained for residents and businesses where possible, although delays are likely due to the nature of the works.   A map showing diversion routes may be found here.


Planned Roadworks

Wiltshire Council are planning to undertake works on the B3107 in the New Year.  The proposals at the moment are to undertake improvement works to both village gateways under temporary traffic control 6-17 January 2020 with extensive re-surfacing works under road closure 17-21 February 2020.

Road Closure – The Star – 31 July 2019

Wiltshire Council Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 Temporary Closure of: The Star (Part), Holt (Ref: TTRO 6049) Notice is hereby given that the Wiltshire Council has made an Order to close temporarily to all traffic: The Star (Part), Holt; from property known as 315 The Star for a distance of approximately 60 metres in south westerly direction. To enable: Wessex Water to carry out telemetry and calibration checks on chambers. Alternative route: via The Star (unaffected length) – Station Road – B3107 – Ham Green – Gaston and vice versa. The closure and diversion route will be clearly indicated by traffic signs. This Order will come into operation on 31 July 2019 the closure will be required until for one day. It is anticipated that the works will take the stated duration to complete depending upon weather conditions. Access will be maintained for residents and businesses where possible, although delays are likely due to the nature of the works. The Order will have a maximum duration of 18 months. For further information please contact Martyn Elliott (Sun Traffic) on 08451230111. Sustainable Transport Group, County Hall, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge BA14 8JN

Trees in The Midlands

The Parish Council is aware of some concern in the village relating to the future of the trees alongside the Brook opposite the Village Hall. The trees belong to Wiltshire Council. There is one Red Hawthorn which is nearest the junction and three flowering cherry,  which are a non-native, short lived species. The fourth flowering cherry died and was removed some years ago being replaced by a silver birch which also died. The three remaining cherry trees have been examined by an arboriculturalist who has declared them all to be in a state of terminal decline. Cracks, lesions and dead wood can be seen.

The developer of the Tannery was obliged to propose improvements to the junction of the Midlands and the B3107. The initial design involved the loss of the parking spaces alongside the trees.
Following objection by the PC, a re-design was made proposing a parking refuge where the cherry trees now stand. The hawthorn tree will remain and, at the request of the PC, a new stand of trees
will be planted along the verge on the Village Hall side of the road. All of this has been in the public domain for more than a year and was discussed at the village meeting in April 2018.
We hope to have details about the programme for the development in the near future.